Hakuna Matata [Maichard AU]

So, I finally decided that i will place some of my written works here rather than in wattpad. Since I can’t get my guts together to post them there.

I made this short fanfiction because of a prompt from @Writers_Write over at twitter.IMG_3259[1].PNG

And then, after a few hours, AMACon QT-ed this too. IMG_3260[1].PNG

I knew it was coming since the prompt is coordinated with yesterday’s episode of DTBY. So i gave it a shot and i came out with a story.

  • Proof-read by @pseudomariel via twitter (thank you ate and hiiii! 🙂 )
  • Happiest birthday too ate MF! (wala lang. gusto ko bumati. bakit ba?)
  • Do not attempt to copy or steal this story

Country’s hottest TV personality Maine Obispo’s upcoming book has been making a huge buzz. It has been all over the news ever since she announced that she will be releasing a book about her life. The book talks about how she started and how she conquered all the hardships that life gave her.

It was a rainy, Saturday night at Tagaytay City when she held her first ever book signing. The cafe trented out for the event was really calm and tranquil. The security was sufficient and the crowd was manageable Just the way she liked it.

At first, anxiety was taking over her body. But when she started signing books and mingling with the crowd, the tension in her body started to lessen. Every single person that she met was really nice. Some even made her laugh and gave her gifts. Everything turned out well.

They finished the book signing by 2 am and the cafe was preparing to close. Even though Maine didn’t have the strength to walk  or even talk because of tiredness, she gathered all the remaining energy she had in her body to go to the counter and thank the staff for staying up that late.

“Uy hi.” Maine said. She watched the figure in front of her turn around. He is tall. Maybe 5’10 or 5’11. His eyes were glistening even when there were only three to four lights are illuminating the room.

“Hi Ms. Maine. What can I do for you po?” His voice was very calm and soft. His voice was so soft it could probably lure a baby to sleep. The dimple in his left cheek also looked very attractive.

“I just want to thank you and your staff for staying up this late. Akala ko kasi hanggang 9 or 10 pm lang yung book signing eh. Sorry ah?”

“Don’t mention it, Ms. Maine. Okey lang samin yun. Basta it made you and your fans happy.” There was a pause. “Coffee before you leave Ms. Maine?”

Maine felt her cheeks burn into redness. “Uy, please stop calling me Ms. Maine. Hindi naman ako ganun ka sikat.” She chuckled. “Wag na….uhm….” Her eyes went over his white polo shirt to look for his name tag but failed.

“It’s Richard.” He smiled.

“Sorry ah.” She gave soft smile before she continued to talk “Wag na Richard. Nakakahiya kaya. Nagpuyat na kayo ng staff mo tapos gagawan mo pa ako ng coffee. Staying up this late is enough ‘no.”

“Wag kang mahiya. Okey lang naman sakin eh. And besides, I just boiled a new batch of coffee.” He grabbed a chair in his counter and sat across her. “How did the book signing go? I actually wanted to line up and get my book signed kaso nakakahiya eh.”

“Bakit hindi mo naman sinabi! Edi sana na sign ko copy mo. And okey lang naman sakin eh.” Pause. “It was fine. No complications kasi your café fitted all the guests in.” Her eyes roamed around the café. Even in the dark, she could see the pretty paintings on the walls. “Inferness ah, ang ganda ng café mo. Where did you get the inspiration?”

“Maybe in other book signings nalang. Habol ako.” Richard smiled with Maine’s reaction. “And to answer your question, dream ng girlfriend ko before na magkaroon ng café dito sa Tagaytay.” Richard started while he placed 2 mugs of coffee over the counter. “All of the plans were laid out. Ready na niya bilihin yung lote na kinakatayuan ng café ngayon. Eh kaso…”

“What happened? Ay—Sorry if I’m asking personal questions. Pwede mo naman hin—“

“No it’s okey, Maine. Nasa past na yun. Okey na ako.” He let out a small smile before he continued. “And then, we got in a car crash. Her head was badly damaged and her parents decided to send her to the states and remove me from her memories for good. So, I promised her to continue her dream on having a café.”

“I’m sorry Richard.” She held his hand and slightly caressing the back of his hand with her finger.

“Don’t be. It’s not your fault anyways.” A full smile is plastered all over his face now. Maine on the other hand, dazed off and looked around.

“I have a question.”

“Sure. What is it?”

“Why is the café called ‘Hakuna Matata’?”

“Because I know that wherever she may be, I know that she has no worries. Even though I am not with her every day.”

“Do you miss her?”

“I do. Every single second, and every single day.” After their talk, Silence finally enveloped the both of them. Until Maine’s handler told her that it was time to go.

“Thank you again Richard. It was a pleasure talking to you. Goodbye.” She smiled before walking towards the door

“Anytime, Maine.”


As Richard was on his last round checking the whole café, he spotted a thing on a table near the door. And in his surprise, it was Maine’s book. He thought maybe a fan left it there. He scanned the book and saw a note. It was for him.

Hi Richard!

I just want to say thank you (again, for the nth time) for having us here. Next book signing ulit!

You said earlier that you didn’t get your book to be signed so I got you a signed copy!

Until next time,

Love, Maine

He chuckled with her antics. That girl never failed him to laugh.  He smiled as he closed the book and placed it to his bag. He closed the lights and left the café. Whispering this small words; “Oh Nicomaine, I’m so proud of you. And I do, miss you. So much.”


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