Alli Mia Fora- Second Chapter


It’s been 2 hours since i arrived at this party. Almost all of the Grade eight students batch 2016 to 2017 are already here. But still, I can’t find her beautiful face here in the crowd. I said hello to my old teachers and chatted with my old friends. Some are them already has their own families while there are still a few of them studying and finishing their course. I wonder if she already graduated her chosen course.

Maine, (or menggay, my secret special nickname for her) Always told me that she doesn’tΒ  want toΒ  finish college and just pursue her dream of being a writer. She would always send some of her works to my email and ask me my opinion. And as her friend, i would be happy, (as in really happy,) to do that for her.

But then, the fight happened. She became cold towards me and she stopped talking to me. And i did the same. As much as i want to say sorry and ask forgiveness, I never got a chance. I know that she would be transferring into another school after eight grade and she was really busy with some projects and school works. Her friends also told me that i should stay away from her for a little while since she was still in a big mess.

That little while turned into weeks, then months, and now, years. I tried my very best to contact her. I searched her facebook account but Jan told me that she deactivated it when she got into senior high school. I also tried getting help from Nica. The girl that she told me about back in eight grade. I asked her if she knows any of her current social media accounts but she also answered that she deactivated ever since Maine told her that she would be focusing more on her studies.

These memories flashed when i walked towards to a table near the stage. All of them are Maine’s friends which she labeled it as ‘Liko squad’. I remember clearly when we were having a recollection, the priest asked her if she has a group of friends. And since Maine is a ball of weirdness, She said yes and told the name. Great thing i was sitting beside her when the priest asked her to tell everyone the names of her friends. I quickly whispered her to her ear to not include me. I know i was really selfish. And i shouldn’t have done that. After the recollection, Faye and Donna got mad at her. Which made Maine stopped calling it Liko Squad.

When i reached their table, Donna, Faye and Jan was there. Laughing.

“Hey guys,” I happily smiled. Jan was one of my best friends that i really trust ever since and i am happy to see him. Also the two girls who always made Maine complete even she’s breaking.

“Uy Richard! Musta na?!” It was Faye. I was really amazed that she lost a lot of weight. And she’s taller too.

“Ayun, finally working.” I paused i don’t know if i will ask if they saw Maine anywhere. But, my mouth made faster actions than my brain. “Nakita nyo na ba si Maine?”

“Ah, hindi pa eh. Ang sabi daw, try nya daw makapunta. Medyo busy daw kasi siya with work.” This time it was Donna who spoke. “Omg Richard, don’t tell me na you need to talk to Maine kasi na-realize mo na mahal mo talaga siya?!”

I chuckled. Dati ko pa siya mahal, Donna. Di ko lang kayang sabihin dahil nato-torpe ako. My head spoke. “Huh? Hindi ‘no. I just want to ask her kung kamusta na siya. Ganun. Kuhaan ko kayo ng drinks?” I offered. So that i could check the area if she’s already here.

“Uy! Yes please. Mukang nagbago ka na, Richard.” Jan spoke.

“Ha? no. Medyo gago pa rin ako.” I said before turning around and going to the refreshment area.

As i return to our table, carrying a tray of drinks, I heard a familiar laugh. That sweet laugh that i missed hearing. I quickly glanced my sides while walking to check if she was there but i accidentally bumped into a girl.

“Fuck! Ms., I am really so–” My words got cut off when i looked up and saw Maine.

She’s here.


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