Alli Mia Fora- Third Chapter


I was still in a shock. My dress is soaking wet and Richard is still staring at me. I was speechless. His features changed but his face is still some how the same.

I took a step back and i felt Katie’s hand on my arm. Trying to calm me down before i do anything scandalous. She knows how i react towards Richard especially when he does something that i really hate. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I will handle this as a mature adult.

“K-Katie, I will just change my clothes.” I glanced at him. His eyes are now fixed at the ground. “I’ll catch up with you guys in a few.” I turned around and quickly ran away.

My tears are starting to blur my eyes. No Maine. You can’t cry here. You already told everyone that you have moved on right? My conscious blabbered. But she was right. She was right that i told every single person that i met that he was in the past already. And who am i to cry over him. We didn’t even became a couple or even M.U back in those years. So why?

I changed my clothes and fixed my face because i look like a panda bear with all the smear make up on my face.

“Okey Maine, You just need to fake a smile and go on with the program. And after all this, You will never go into another reunion again.”

As i got back to the gymnasium, I was welcomed by my friends, my old teachers and my mutuals. My heart is very happy to see them all here. To catch up with their lives.

I sat down at my friend’s table which consisted of Jan, Katie, Donna, Faye and, Richard. Jan insisted me to let Richard eat with us since there is no vacant tables left.

“Maine, tagal mo hindi nagpakita sa amin ah? Nakalimutan mo na ba kami?” Donna said while she was fiddling with her phone. Probably waiting a text from her boyfriend.

“Oo nga. After our last meet up nung 2019, di ka na nagpakita. Nakalimutan mo na ba kami? Hindi mo na ba kami mahal?” This time, it was Faye who spoke. I released a laugh which made everyone in the table except for Richard who is busy writing at a table napkin, confused.

“Of course not! I was still in touch you know? Kahit naka-deactivate ang mga social media accounts ko, I still know what is happening with your lives. I know i may sound like a stalker but that’s true. I remember pa nga eh, when i got the news that Jan opened up his own publishing house, I quickly asked my publisher to get my book published over there. Eh ang kaso, masyado daw madami ang hina-handle nilang orders that time. So wala akong choice kung maghanap ng ibang publishing house.” I said sadly.

“So, writer ka na talaga? You didn’t finished your studies?” I gazed at Richard who is bitterly laughing.

“Yes. I am a writer but i have a full-time job.”

“Then why don’t you quit your job?”

His cold voice went down to my spine. He is not the Richard i used to love and knew.


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