50 Random Facts About Me

Since i only have 22 days before my summer ends and i am really bored, i decided to tell you guys 50 random facts about the girl behind this blog.

  1. My full name is Miezha Leila Alvaran Asuncion
  2. I am a Pessimist
  3. I am 13 year old girl
  4. The last word from the number before me is my gender.
  5. I am a filipina (tinatanong pa ba yan?)
  6. I am a fangirl
  7. I am a not-so-great blogger
  8. I use twitter (follow me @Dangerous_Lei!)
  9. I write fanfiction
  10. I loveee eating
  11. My favorite color is yellow
  12. I love sweet pineapples on pizza
  13. My sign is Leo
  14. I love the darkness
  15. I am a MaiChard fangirl
  16. My birthday is on August 16th, 2003
  17. I also love sushi
  18. My favorite subject is Filipino
  19. I photograph things a lot
  20. I am trying to be a vlogger
  21. I play ukulele
  22. I am a basic swimmer
  23. I attended taekwondo classes when i was somewhere 10 or 11 years old.
  24. I wanna be a Chef someday
  25. The course i will be taking is Accountancy
  26. I wanna travel the world
  27. I love OPM (Original Pinoy Music)
  28. I can dance while i sleep
  29. I have a blog before. But i forgot the password and i lost it.
  30. I haven’t went to other countries
  31. I am an incoming grade 9 student
  32. I don’t wear dresses
  33. I can do silly faces
  34. I experienced to be bullied
  35. I can dance
  36. I can’t act
  37. My first ever serious and completed story is Affectus Vel Desideriis Pravis (which you could check it out here in my blog or over at wattpad! #ShamelessPlugPaMore)
  38. I love spending my free time on writing different stories or thoughts
  39. I am a pretty little wassabian
  40. I am also a fan of Lorde and Many more artist that i could count in my fingers
  41. I don’t have a cellphone. hahahaha
  42. I usually sleep at 3 am.
  43. My parents don’t know about this blog
  44. Nobody except my closest friends knows my passion for writing
  45. My first love is my bed. (char)
  46. I watch KDrama (a little bit.)
  47. My favorite disney princess is Rapunzel
  48. I collect notebooks and pens
  49. I support the LGBTQ community
  50. Not a professional writer.


That’s some facts about me, The Pessimistic Leila. Tweet me @Dangerous_Lei and let’s talk!

See you when i see you. 😉


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