So since the other part of the world is celebrating National Best Friends Day, i want to make a simple yet relevant (chos anudaw? hahaha) entry and thank my best friends for being there for me thru ups and downs.

And oh! These people in this list, i don’t specify them as best friends. I specify them as FAMILY.

Of course, I will start off with my family, Kanto Squad! Nyki, Fatima, Kyla and Vanessa, You guys rocked my eight grade! From crazy things that we do to serious cliche stuff, thank you for being there for me. Hope to catch up with you guys really soon!

To my B.A.T.A Squad, Ate Chy, Kuya Jay, Drew, Nik, Diana, Ate Glenda, and Kuya Ken, even tho we don’t talk too much na too often, we are still one big family. Missing those skype nights tho!

To my Thunderbaes, Lyn, Mae, RR, and Jess, I’m sorry if our group chat is really inactive because of real life. I’ll come back to editing real soon. (i hope.)

To Danica, My kambalskieย por layp naย halos isang taon ang agwat, Labyu tu da mun en bak! hahahahhahaย Our mixlr tapes will always be there at my mixlr account. HAHA!

To my roleplaying twin for almost 2 (or 3 ) years, Katelyn, Thank you for roleplays that even stays up until dawn. Chat with you soon!

Kath, i know you’re reading this. hahaha! To my fellow Shawn Mendes fan, book lover and poem maker, Thank you for almost, everything. Char keep safe, love!

Poleng, To the girl who told me to never look down to myself, Thank you for pulling me up when i’m almost down there at the darkness.

And to my bibi girl, Lyssa, My girl who was there for me when i didn’t got a chance to get a YTFF Tickets, and my fellow Vela fam, Love you to the moon and back! See you really soon!

And to my mutuals who i didn’t got the chance to add in this list, I love you guys. And even your names are not here, Every single one of you is important to me.

I’m sorry if you see the same words, over and over again. It’s because i don’t have any words to describe or tell the whole world how you guys mean the whole universe to me. I’m sorry. But ‘lemme tell you this; I love you guys. No matter what happens.


Love lots,



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