Sunday Currently Vol. 9

I really can’t believe that this is my second to the last Sunday Currently entry for this year’s summer! I mean gosh, i am soooo shookt about it! Anywho, guess who’s mom decided to get her daughter a decent  nice haircut a week before her classes starts. Me!


At first, i really don’t want to have a haircut because my last haircut was in January and my hair is like now in shoulder length. But gladly, my mom cooperated with me and let me to have just short hair to be trimmed down. And actually, i am really happy about the results. hihi!

How’s twitter lately? I’ve been out from twitterworld since last night because i am having some difficulties with my pc! As in i thought i broke my pc’s battery (which if that happens, my parents will totally kill the heck out of me!) but gladly, i just broke my pc’s charger adapter. Which by the way, i need a new one.

Going back to twitterworld, this week has been really, AS IN REALLY, shitty and toxic. Even i can’t stand it anymore. But, this week has been also a blessing because some of my fellow fans (including me) won different prizes from also our fellow fans! Imagine that toxic from twitter was blown away and disposed with just one simple joke that turned into a helping hands to others. And i thank ADN for being so kind.



Maine’s latest blog post. I am so happy that she got a break even tho it’s so bitin and short. I also hope that Alden could also get a decent and short break in showbiz.


Of course, this sunday currently, A thing that has been going on for a week now and A prompt that popped out from my head last thursday night which kept me up for like the entire night.


To a record of ‘Homemade Dynamite’ by Lorde. I still don’t know if this is the legit song but i will find that out when the whole Melodrama album comes out by June 16th. (Which by the way, i’m really excited about it!)


If i could finish the ‘thing that has been going on for a week now’ on time. HAHA.


The scent of the delicious ‘Sopas’! Gosh, you don’t know how i really craved for that haven!


For Lorde to come here in Manila for the world tour of Melodrama!!!


A pastel-stripped loose t-shirt and a blue hawaiian shorts.


The fact that i won something from last week’s #ADNILikeMoAldenGiveaways! Gosh, people are really kind!


More money to buy books. Because at the moment, i am really broke and i NEED to buy books from my favorite author! huhuhuh 😦


To ride a jeepney again. For research purposes, really. chos.


Comfortably happy….And a little bit shookt and tired. 🙂


So, next week will be the final Sunday Currently update before i return to school and i am super shocked about it. I am also planning to make an entry about all the things that happened in this year’s summer vacation and a ‘what happened to my first day of school’ entry by next next sunday currently.

AND OH GUESS WHAT?! In 5 days and 2 months, i will be turning 14! Horray! I may start the countdown by July 16th because there are 2 things happening at that day! One is the ALDUB’s 2nd anniversary and the other is one really, really, i cannot still announce thingy. hihi!

Enjoy the last day of your long weekend tomorrow and don’t forget to celebrate Independence day! Mabuhay ang mga mamayang pilipino!






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