Sunday Currently Vol. 11

This week was boom! There are a lot of things that happened and i am really greatful that all of them went really fine.

  • First day of school- I thought that my first day will be rough and shitty but thanks to my awesome (cheret) personality, i made some friends.
  • I am one of the peace officers of our class- I know this ain’t a big thing but as for a newbie like me, it is. Like i never, (as in ever) imagined that they would trust me with that. And i want to thank you for trusting me. 🙂
  • I got to be a child again!- So today, we wnet to Festival Mall in Alabang, Muntinlupa with mom and my sister. You know, just for bonding. Mom bought us all-you-can-ride for a whole day in one of the mall’s indoor amusement parks! Gahd! We rode the mini-rollercoaster, (which i was so shookt because i thought it would be scary asf but it was’nt) the go kart and the bump cars for almost 5 hours straight! And we also made a friend! Mabait siya pero may attitude.. just like me. Hihihihi!

Here are some photos In a collage! 🙂




Nothing. Hehehehehe #WalangPasokBukas!


Still AMACon 4.5. I’m down to my last week and i am procastinating like crazy! I hope i could finish it on time tho! :((


Buzzcut Season- Live in concert 2013 by Lorde. Her voice is soooo amazing i could just play all of her songs all day! (literally!)


How can i save money in just a month.


My fart. Joke. Hahahahahaha


For an amazing school year! *fingers crossed!*


A pambahay (lagi naman eh.)


My handwriting. Mas maganda na kasi siya from my previous years eh!


MORE RIDES! And to go to Enchanted Kingdom! Tagal ko na di nakakabalik dun! Huhu 😦


More time to my social media life.


Happy and contented. Today was so happy. Nawala lahat ng stress and depression ko and i return being a child again. I hope may mga susunod pa na ganito.


Have a great week everyone! 💜




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