Life Currently

I am almost down to my last few days (or weeks i don’t even know) of summer and i feel like i spent this year’s summer right. I did a lot of adventure and i think it was one of the best things about this year’s summer.

I want to say sorry for not updating Sunday Currently because i was out of the town every weekends. And our place doesn’t have internet so i can’t post my Sunday Currently very quickly.

So recap, last, last Sunday, (May 14th) me and my cousin attended an book signing event. We met authors of different kind of books and found new friends! It was truly an awesome experience even tho i got scolded when we got back home and we got ourselves tired. 🙂

And as an aspiring author, i got to see how they interact to their readers.

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Last day of the AVENGEJOYS

It feels like it was only yesterday when i met each and everyone of these people. In fact, hindi dapat JOY ang section ko.

My ORIGINAL section should be 8-Simplicity. But in another way, I am really grateful that i landed here in this awesome section. At first, i wasn’t happy. Because, to be honest, i hated sir Mark (no offense, ser. Labyu po) when i was in 7th grade.

But every thing changed. 

….everything changed when i met this people…

I still can remember being shy with the people that i haven’t met before . (since they came from the other section and all that.) I really never thought that i would be close friends with some of them. EVEN BE REALLY BEST FRIENDS WITH THEM!

There were ups and downs. There were curves and straight lines in our journey. But we stayed strong. We stayed determined, and strong.

Every sweat, blood and tears that we shed every time there’s a competition, always paid off. Even though, there were times that we cannot avoid fights with other people.

I want to thank every single one of my classmates. WE FINALLY DID IT! All the struggles and pains that we experienced, finally paid off! I want to thank all of you guys. For being my second family. Thank you for the happiest memories.

I can really admit, this was the best school year i have experienced in my whole life.

I also want to thank everyone who wrote good things in these pages. 🙂 My heart is really swelling with JOY.

Here’s to more ‘baaahhhsss’ and ‘eykeys’!

Thank you, AVENGEJOYS!

Leila And Stitch 2k16-2k17, Signin’ Off! 

The Field Trip Diaries [03-17-17] (repost)


This Is A Re-post from my other blog so i hope you understand. 

It’s been a really, really, long time since i wrote an entry here in my blog. I want to apologize. Since reality and work is kicking in and won’t let me take a break.

So last friday, (Yes. I made this ’cause i’m feeling productive as-f. heheheh) Wasn’t an ordinary day for me and also for my fellow grade 8 students. It’s because that we went on a field trip! Yay!

At first, i don’t want to join since our itinerary was boring and wasn’t fun. But after a few days, i thought that i want to join since this will be my FIRST and LAST field trip with my friends.  And, i don’t want to attend classes. (^-^)

We weren’t  complete on that day. One of my friends did not attend since his parents did not let him. (and i do respect his parent’s decision.) So, we were all girls who joined the trip. I was really, really excited last week. It’s because we will be going to some museums, watch a Jamaican Reggae musical, go to a chinese park, and get to see all the planets in a planetarium.

But somehow, it didn’t went that way.
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