Dear 13 year old self,

Damn, i can’t believe that you can survive your first year as being an semi-independent maiden. A young, and strong maiden. You’ve been through different ups and downs in this year, made and lost friends, and made and learned mistakes that boosted your self-esteem and placed you where you are now.

Self, i am really proud of you. From simple things to the biggest pictures in your life. All of your success, and all of your failures, i do appriciate them because you are trying.

As you turn 14, a new year for you starts. With big responsibilities and tasks waiting for you to encounter. Don’t forget that people always got your back at they will support you until the end. Never let yourself down. Always keep your chin up and be proud of who you are.

You are really blessed, self. Seize the day and never regret all of your desicions.

Happiest birthday!


Yours truly, Leila Asuncion.


50 Random Facts About Me

Since i only have 22 days before my summer ends and i am really bored, i decided to tell you guys 50 random facts about the girl behind this blog.

  1. My full name is Miezha Leila Alvaran Asuncion
  2. I am a Pessimist
  3. I am 13 year old girl
  4. The last word from the number before me is my gender.
  5. I am a filipina (tinatanong pa ba yan?)
  6. I am a fangirl
  7. I am a not-so-great blogger
  8. I use twitter (follow me @Dangerous_Lei!)
  9. I write fanfiction
  10. I loveee eating
  11. My favorite color is yellow
  12. I love sweet pineapples on pizza
  13. My sign is Leo
  14. I love the darkness
  15. I am a MaiChard fangirl
  16. My birthday is on August 16th, 2003
  17. I also love sushi
  18. My favorite subject is Filipino
  19. I photograph things a lot
  20. I am trying to be a vlogger
  21. I play ukulele
  22. I am a basic swimmer
  23. I attended taekwondo classes when i was somewhere 10 or 11 years old.
  24. I wanna be a Chef someday
  25. The course i will be taking is Accountancy
  26. I wanna travel the world
  27. I love OPM (Original Pinoy Music)
  28. I can dance while i sleep
  29. I have a blog before. But i forgot the password and i lost it.
  30. I haven’t went to other countries
  31. I am an incoming grade 9 student
  32. I don’t wear dresses
  33. I can do silly faces
  34. I experienced to be bullied
  35. I can dance
  36. I can’t act
  37. My first ever serious and completed story is Affectus Vel Desideriis Pravis (which you could check it out here in my blog or over at wattpad! #ShamelessPlugPaMore)
  38. I love spending my free time on writing different stories or thoughts
  39. I am a pretty little wassabian
  40. I am also a fan of Lorde and Many more artist that i could count in my fingers
  41. I don’t have a cellphone. hahahaha
  42. I usually sleep at 3 am.
  43. My parents don’t know about this blog
  44. Nobody except my closest friends knows my passion for writing
  45. My first love is my bed. (char)
  46. I watch KDrama (a little bit.)
  47. My favorite disney princess is Rapunzel
  48. I collect notebooks and pens
  49. I support the LGBTQ community
  50. Not a professional writer.


That’s some facts about me, The Pessimistic Leila. Tweet me @Dangerous_Lei and let’s talk!

See you when i see you. 😉

The Reason Why…

(This entry is dedicated to @Lurker_forever and everyone who read my AMACon 4 story.)

First and foremost, i just want to thank (for the nth time) everyone who read Affectus Vel Desideriis Pravis. It really warms my heart that there are actual people who reads my work. You are the source of my strength and the reason why i still write.

Now, let’s get to the point.

Well you see, the main reason why i made this entry because of a comment. It’s not a bad comment, really. But it somehow… triggered me.


Okey, i also made this entry because i want to say sorry that i made the ending really hurtful. But believe me when i say that i really did my best to change the ending even it’s the night of the deadline. But since that time, i can’t access both of my phone and my laptop, you guys ended up seeing that version of the story.

I really did my pure best to make this story light and happy. But since i am truly fond with writing angst and hurtful stories in my starting days, i guess that is really my genre.

I just want to answer the reader’s questions. Now that i answered the first one, let’s tackle about the second one.

I grew up with parents who always jumps into conclusion. Every single thing, they would ask me conclusions and they would not let me explain. Just like Maine, she didn’t gave Rj a chance to explain.

It was hard really. I sometimes just want to cry and tell them if i could explain and tell the real reasons why. But i can’t. Because i am scared and i don’t know how to really express it. I am scared because i might hurt them and maybe make a mistake.

And so, it leads me to unclear talking to my parents. Ever since that happened, i felt like i was unloved. And they haven’t given me a single chance to explain.

Sometimes, talking didn’t became an option to fix some problems. They would both jump into several conclusions and do actions without talking out.

I do hope parents would talk to their child and give them chance to explain their side. Because that’s one reason why families somehow breaks. Because of unclear talking.

That’s it. Thanks for your time. I do hope those 2 questions was answered.