Alli Mia Fora- Fourth Chapter

“Because i know how not to depend on anyone anymore.” Maine’s cold voice made everyone in the table  enveloped in silence while she stares at me with bitterness and coldness. Ah dang it Richard!

After that long silence, Ken walked up towards to our table and told us that the dance floor is already open. Faye, Donna, and Jan stood up and went in the dance floor to mingle with the others while Katie went to the bathroom. Which lefts Maine and I in the table. Still having this cold barrier between us.

I stood up and went beside her. A smile crept up to my face when i saw her staring at me. With confusion this time.

“What do you want?”

“U-Uhm, do you want to dance?”

She bitterly laughed. “I don’t dance. Alam mo naman yun diba?” I smiled at her. Because i know that she’s lying. I saw her dance. And i can say that she’s one of the best dancers i have ever seen.

A familiar song comes up in the stereo and i pulled her towards to the dance floor.

“RICHARD! Ano ba!”

“Don’t lie to me, Nicomaine. I know you dance.” I smugly say.

“Well, Mr. Richard Faulkerson, I don’t dance and never, say my full name ever again.” She rolled her eyes and walked a few steps away from me but i quickly grabbed her hand and pulled her close to me.

At that same position a really memorable song from our eight grade played. A song which i didn’t got to dance with her. As the first notes of the song plays, everyone looked for a partner and gave me and Maine some space to dance in.

I placed my hands in her hips while she sways thru the song. Her eyes are closed, feeling every note of the song.

“So don’t call me baby
Unless you mean it
And don’t tell me you need me
If you don’t believe it
So let me know the truth
Before I dive right into you”

“Akala ko di ka marunong sumayaw?” I joked as she opens her eyes with a pout.

“Eh hindi naman ako sumasayaw. I’m only swaying my hips, stupid.” She laughed half-heartedly. I smiled like there’s no tomorrow when i saw her laugh. Her laugh was like a disease that no one can ever escape.



“I-I missed you.”

“I missed you to, Rj.” Those words are enough to cup her cheeks with my hands and pull her face closer to my face. As i close my eyes and attempt to kiss her, I felt tears rushing down her face.

“W-What’s wrong, Maine?”

She escaped from my arms and wiped her tears from her face.

“I’m sorry Richard, i can’t do it again.”

And she left me in the middle of the dance floor, dumbfounded


Alli Mia Fora- Third Chapter


I was still in a shock. My dress is soaking wet and Richard is still staring at me. I was speechless. His features changed but his face is still some how the same.

I took a step back and i felt Katie’s hand on my arm. Trying to calm me down before i do anything scandalous. She knows how i react towards Richard especially when he does something that i really hate. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. I will handle this as a mature adult.

“K-Katie, I will just change my clothes.” I glanced at him. His eyes are now fixed at the ground. “I’ll catch up with you guys in a few.” I turned around and quickly ran away.

My tears are starting to blur my eyes. No Maine. You can’t cry here. You already told everyone that you have moved on right? My conscious blabbered. But she was right. She was right that i told every single person that i met that he was in the past already. And who am i to cry over him. We didn’t even became a couple or even M.U back in those years. So why?

I changed my clothes and fixed my face because i look like a panda bear with all the smear make up on my face.

“Okey Maine, You just need to fake a smile and go on with the program. And after all this, You will never go into another reunion again.”

As i got back to the gymnasium, I was welcomed by my friends, my old teachers and my mutuals. My heart is very happy to see them all here. To catch up with their lives.

I sat down at my friend’s table which consisted of Jan, Katie, Donna, Faye and, Richard. Jan insisted me to let Richard eat with us since there is no vacant tables left.

“Maine, tagal mo hindi nagpakita sa amin ah? Nakalimutan mo na ba kami?” Donna said while she was fiddling with her phone. Probably waiting a text from her boyfriend.

“Oo nga. After our last meet up nung 2019, di ka na nagpakita. Nakalimutan mo na ba kami? Hindi mo na ba kami mahal?” This time, it was Faye who spoke. I released a laugh which made everyone in the table except for Richard who is busy writing at a table napkin, confused.

“Of course not! I was still in touch you know? Kahit naka-deactivate ang mga social media accounts ko, I still know what is happening with your lives. I know i may sound like a stalker but that’s true. I remember pa nga eh, when i got the news that Jan opened up his own publishing house, I quickly asked my publisher to get my book published over there. Eh ang kaso, masyado daw madami ang hina-handle nilang orders that time. So wala akong choice kung maghanap ng ibang publishing house.” I said sadly.

“So, writer ka na talaga? You didn’t finished your studies?” I gazed at Richard who is bitterly laughing.

“Yes. I am a writer but i have a full-time job.”

“Then why don’t you quit your job?”

His cold voice went down to my spine. He is not the Richard i used to love and knew.

Alli Mia Fora- Second Chapter


It’s been 2 hours since i arrived at this party. Almost all of the Grade eight students batch 2016 to 2017 are already here. But still, I can’t find her beautiful face here in the crowd. I said hello to my old teachers and chatted with my old friends. Some are them already has their own families while there are still a few of them studying and finishing their course. I wonder if she already graduated her chosen course.

Maine, (or menggay, my secret special nickname for her) Always told me that she doesn’t  want to  finish college and just pursue her dream of being a writer. She would always send some of her works to my email and ask me my opinion. And as her friend, i would be happy, (as in really happy,) to do that for her.

But then, the fight happened. She became cold towards me and she stopped talking to me. And i did the same. As much as i want to say sorry and ask forgiveness, I never got a chance. I know that she would be transferring into another school after eight grade and she was really busy with some projects and school works. Her friends also told me that i should stay away from her for a little while since she was still in a big mess.

That little while turned into weeks, then months, and now, years. I tried my very best to contact her. I searched her facebook account but Jan told me that she deactivated it when she got into senior high school. I also tried getting help from Nica. The girl that she told me about back in eight grade. I asked her if she knows any of her current social media accounts but she also answered that she deactivated ever since Maine told her that she would be focusing more on her studies.

These memories flashed when i walked towards to a table near the stage. All of them are Maine’s friends which she labeled it as ‘Liko squad’. I remember clearly when we were having a recollection, the priest asked her if she has a group of friends. And since Maine is a ball of weirdness, She said yes and told the name. Great thing i was sitting beside her when the priest asked her to tell everyone the names of her friends. I quickly whispered her to her ear to not include me. I know i was really selfish. And i shouldn’t have done that. After the recollection, Faye and Donna got mad at her. Which made Maine stopped calling it Liko Squad.

When i reached their table, Donna, Faye and Jan was there. Laughing.

“Hey guys,” I happily smiled. Jan was one of my best friends that i really trust ever since and i am happy to see him. Also the two girls who always made Maine complete even she’s breaking.

“Uy Richard! Musta na?!” It was Faye. I was really amazed that she lost a lot of weight. And she’s taller too.

“Ayun, finally working.” I paused i don’t know if i will ask if they saw Maine anywhere. But, my mouth made faster actions than my brain. “Nakita nyo na ba si Maine?”

“Ah, hindi pa eh. Ang sabi daw, try nya daw makapunta. Medyo busy daw kasi siya with work.” This time it was Donna who spoke. “Omg Richard, don’t tell me na you need to talk to Maine kasi na-realize mo na mahal mo talaga siya?!”

I chuckled. Dati ko pa siya mahal, Donna. Di ko lang kayang sabihin dahil nato-torpe ako. My head spoke. “Huh? Hindi ‘no. I just want to ask her kung kamusta na siya. Ganun. Kuhaan ko kayo ng drinks?” I offered. So that i could check the area if she’s already here.

“Uy! Yes please. Mukang nagbago ka na, Richard.” Jan spoke.

“Ha? no. Medyo gago pa rin ako.” I said before turning around and going to the refreshment area.

As i return to our table, carrying a tray of drinks, I heard a familiar laugh. That sweet laugh that i missed hearing. I quickly glanced my sides while walking to check if she was there but i accidentally bumped into a girl.

“Fuck! Ms., I am really so–” My words got cut off when i looked up and saw Maine.

She’s here.

Alli Mia Fora- First Chapter

:So, this will be in chapters. I will post them here in my blog space and also in my wattpad account. I do hope you all enjoy this story.

The cold air of December welcomed her as she steps down her car. It’s been ten years since she stepped in this premises. All the memories and amazing times with her friends and classmates almost made her cry. Grace College always have a special space in her heart. Even there are bad and happy moments that happened in her life in that school.

She was greeted by the school guards warmly. Just the way they greeted her before. The grounds aren’t the same anymore. There are more plants in the walk way, The buildings are newly painted. Even the place that she used to hang out every morning has already chairs in it. She missed this place so bad.

As she walks toward to the gym lobby, There are a lot of thoughts that is running through her head. What will be her reaction when she see’s her friends? What will be their reaction when they see her? But mostly, What will be their reaction when they see each other in the same building? This is the first reunion that she attended ever since she transferred into another school back when she was in 9th grade. There were still undisclosed problems with, him. 

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The Reason Why…

(This entry is dedicated to @Lurker_forever and everyone who read my AMACon 4 story.)

First and foremost, i just want to thank (for the nth time) everyone who read Affectus Vel Desideriis Pravis. It really warms my heart that there are actual people who reads my work. You are the source of my strength and the reason why i still write.

Now, let’s get to the point.

Well you see, the main reason why i made this entry because of a comment. It’s not a bad comment, really. But it somehow… triggered me.


Okey, i also made this entry because i want to say sorry that i made the ending really hurtful. But believe me when i say that i really did my best to change the ending even it’s the night of the deadline. But since that time, i can’t access both of my phone and my laptop, you guys ended up seeing that version of the story.

I really did my pure best to make this story light and happy. But since i am truly fond with writing angst and hurtful stories in my starting days, i guess that is really my genre.

I just want to answer the reader’s questions. Now that i answered the first one, let’s tackle about the second one.

I grew up with parents who always jumps into conclusion. Every single thing, they would ask me conclusions and they would not let me explain. Just like Maine, she didn’t gave Rj a chance to explain.

It was hard really. I sometimes just want to cry and tell them if i could explain and tell the real reasons why. But i can’t. Because i am scared and i don’t know how to really express it. I am scared because i might hurt them and maybe make a mistake.

And so, it leads me to unclear talking to my parents. Ever since that happened, i felt like i was unloved. And they haven’t given me a single chance to explain.

Sometimes, talking didn’t became an option to fix some problems. They would both jump into several conclusions and do actions without talking out.

I do hope parents would talk to their child and give them chance to explain their side. Because that’s one reason why families somehow breaks. Because of unclear talking.

That’s it. Thanks for your time. I do hope those 2 questions was answered.

Hakuna Matata [Maichard AU]

So, I finally decided that i will place some of my written works here rather than in wattpad. Since I can’t get my guts together to post them there.

I made this short fanfiction because of a prompt from @Writers_Write over at twitter.IMG_3259[1].PNG

And then, after a few hours, AMACon QT-ed this too. IMG_3260[1].PNG

I knew it was coming since the prompt is coordinated with yesterday’s episode of DTBY. So i gave it a shot and i came out with a story.

  • Proof-read by @pseudomariel via twitter (thank you ate and hiiii! 🙂 )
  • Happiest birthday too ate MF! (wala lang. gusto ko bumati. bakit ba?)
  • Do not attempt to copy or steal this story

Country’s hottest TV personality Maine Obispo’s upcoming book has been making a huge buzz. It has been all over the news ever since she announced that she will be releasing a book about her life. The book talks about how she started and how she conquered all the hardships that life gave her.

It was a rainy, Saturday night at Tagaytay City when she held her first ever book signing. The cafe trented out for the event was really calm and tranquil. The security was sufficient and the crowd was manageable Just the way she liked it.

At first, anxiety was taking over her body. But when she started signing books and mingling with the crowd, the tension in her body started to lessen. Every single person that she met was really nice. Some even made her laugh and gave her gifts. Everything turned out well.

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Affectus Vel Desideriis Pravis (An AMACon 4 Entry)

So, here it is! I am proudly presenting to you, dear reader, Affectus Vel Desideriis Pravis! This is an AMACon 4 Entry and written by yours truly. 

Prompt by @mariapengwa over at twitter (Hello po ate and thank you!)

Prompt: Dead Rj x Spiritsta Maine

  • You could also read the story via wattpad. 


  • Unbeta-ed.
  • Please do not attempt to copy or steal the story.
  • Written in tagalog. I might post an english version of the story soon. 🙂
  • ENJOY!




Nagsimula ang storya ng ating mga bida sa isang maliit na barrio sa bayan ng San Lorenzo. Tahimik na lugar at kilala sa mga magagandang bundok. At sa mga bundok nito ay may nakatirang isang magandang dilag na nangangalang Maine. Maniwala ka man o hindi, siya ay isang anak ng  tanyag na spiritsta sa kanilang barrio. Galing siya sa pamilyang mangagamot. At siya ay nakatakda para Makita ang isang lalaki. Isang lalaki na hindi ordinaryo at magpapabago ng kanyang buhay sa kasalukuyan. Ngunit hindi pa niya nahahanap kung sino ito.



Normal na hapon. Yan ang mga salita na pwedeng magtukoy sa araw ngayon ni Maine. Walang masyadong pasyente na dumalaw sa bahay ng kanyang tiyo. At nakapagpahinga pa ito. Nakapaglinis din siya ng kanyang bahay na tinutuluyan ng kanyang pamilya at nakatuklas pa ito ng mga bagong gayuma na pwede niyang magamit sa hinaharap. Nabulabog ang kanyang magandang hapon nang patakbong pumasok sa kanilang bahay ang kanyang tiyo.


“Oh, tiyo, bakit po kayo hingal na hingal?”

“Maine, kailangan mo akong samahan papunta sa eskwelahan ng aking anak.”

“’Ho? Bakit daw po?

“ Ang kanyang kaklase ay sinaniban ng masamang espiritu at hindi ko magagawa ang gayuma ng magisa. Dali na iha, baka ano pa ang mangyari doon.”
Dali-daling lumabas sa bahay si Maine dala ang kagamitan ng kanyang tiyo na pang gayuma. Hindi nito alam kung ano ang gagawin nila at kung paano nila papalisin iyon. Nakarating sila sa eskwelahan at nakita niya kung paano magsialisan ang mga batang galing sa mga gusali. Puno ng takot sa kanilang mga muka. Agad nitong nakita ang kanyang pinsan na halos maiyak na sa sobrang takot.


“Tay, A-ate. Dalian nyo po. Nasa ikatatlong palapag sila Ma’am Jessica. Hawak na po nila si Kevin.”

“Sige. Umuwi ka na sa atin at isarado mo ang mga pinto, Karina. Babalik kami.”



Nakita niya agad ang bata na nagwawala. Mapula ang mga mata nito at halos anim na guro na ang nakahawak sa kanya. Pinipigilan na kumawala. Mayroong mga salita ang sinasabi ng bata at sa tingin nito ay nasa wikang tagalog pa ito.

“Lahat ng tao dito sa bayan na ito ay makakaranas ng aking pasakit at mamatay!” Paulit-ulit niyang sabi habang hinahanap ng tiyo ni Maine  ang mga tamang salita para mapaalis ang espiritu.


“Matagal pa ba yan?!” Inip na sabi ng isa sa mga guro.

“Eh kung ikaw kaya ang mag hanap ng gayuma dito?” Sabi ng kanyang tiyo na nagdahilan nang hindi pag-imik muli ng guro. Sa wakas ay nahanap niya na rin ang mga salitang hinahanap niya.

Pinanood ni Maine ang kanyang tiyo na simulan ang ritual. “Masamang espiritu!” Simula nito. Ikinumpas nito ang kanyang kamay at mabilisang dinasalan ang bata. “Lumayas ka sa katawan ng inosenteng bata! Bumalik ka sa iyong pinangalingan!” Mas lalong naging mabagsik ang bata. At pagkatapos ng ilang Segundo, nagsimulang nanghina ang kanyang tiyo. Kaya sinamahan na niya ito sa pag-ulit nang mga salita. Hindi nagtagal ay nahilo na lamang bigla si Maine at may nakitang aparisyon. Isang lalaki. Isang lalaki ang nakita niya sa katawan ng bata. Kaya naman mas lalo nitong nilakasan ang pagsasalita. Hanggang sa tuluyan nang nawala sa katawan ng bata ang espiritu at Naka-balik na siya sa realidad. At nakita niya na ang bata ay unti-unti nang  nababawi ang kanyang sarili mula sa espiritu na sumapi sa kanya. Nagsilapit ang mga magulang nito at lumapit naman ang mga guro kay Maine at sa kanyag tiyo.

“Salamat sa inyo, Kapitan Cho, at Maine. Kung hindi dahil sa inyo, baka ano na ang nangyari sa bata. Pati na rin sa bayan natin.”

“Mas mabuting kay kapitan Cho natin ibigay ang bote. At baka ano pa ang mangyari dito.”

“Ano po ba ang nangyari? At bakit nasapian ang bata?” Tanong nito. Gulong-gulo pa rin ang isipan.

“Pinaglaruan ng mga bata ang mga naka-tanghal na namanang kagamitan ng mga ninuno natin. Kasama na dun ang bote kung saan…..” Natigil sa pagsasalita at napatingin ito sa kanyang tiyo ang guro. Hindi na lamang ito umimik pero nagbigay ng isang pekeng ngiti.

“Ah, Salamat muli sa pag tulong nyo sa amin.” Sagot muli ng isa pang guro.

“Wala pong anuman.”


Hindi alam ni Maine kung bakit pa ito gising at binabasa ang isang libro na pang gayuma kahit magaalas-dose na ng hating gabi. Muli na naman pumasok sa kanyang isipan ang muka ng binata na nakatagpo niya kanina. Ang kanyang balat ay kasing puti ng niybe. Ang kanyang mga mata ay kumikislap ngunit may kahalip itong galit. At ang kanyang malalim na dimple na kitang-kita pa rin kahit hindi ito ngumingiti. Dahil sa kuryusidad ng dalaga, naisipan niya na makita ang binata kahit saglit lamang. Nagdesisyon itong puntahan ang bahay ng kanyang tiyo para kunin ang bote at siya mismo ang gumawa ng gayuma para Makita muli ito.

Agad nitong nakuha ang bote ng walang ginawang kaingayan. Noong akala niya ligtas na siya, Biglang sumulpot ang tulog na boses ng kanyang tiyo. Mabuti nalang hindi na siya nakagawa pa ng ibang ingay kaya nakaalis agad ito. Ihinanda niya agad ang mga kagamitan na kanyang gagamitin para sa aktibidad at naghanap ng gayuma na  pwedeng gamitin.

“Nanalangin ako sa mga diyos-diyosan na nakapaligid sakin. Ibigay nyo ang aking hiling na makita muli ang lalaking nakasalubong ko sa katawan ng bata kanina.” Bumalot kay Maine ang takot. Dahil magisa siya ngayon sa gubat dahil natatakot siya na baka magising niya ang kanyang mga kapatid sa pinagga-gawa niya. Gusto niyang itigil ang lahat ng ito pero, hindi na niya mapipigilan ito.

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